- The Company's production area with 2 settling tanks with a capacity of 5,000 m3. The water is pumped from the sea through pipes located more than 1,000 m from the coast and a filter tank with a capacity of 500 m3.3

Under the right conditions of light, temperature, salinity and nutrients, grape seaweed grows very quickly, and the harvest time is short.

Grape seaweed is raised in a closed model. The structure of a specific farm consists of 4 components:

  •              Water supply system
  •              System of tanks
  •              Breeding system
  •              Post-harvest product preservation system

The water source from all these systems is carefully treated and especially the water treatment system before being discharged into the environment is a closed system, filtered through sand. Grape seaweed grows quickly in conditions of rearing under a closed process. A culture period lasting from 20 to 30 days can be harvested.  

The first time we tried fresh grape seaweed, we found it acceptable as a substitute for green vegetables in families, restaurants... Fresh grape seaweed is commonly used in Vietnamese family dishes as other Japanese-style dishes such as Wasabi, eating raw seafood… 

Grape seaweed was selected as one of the top 5 most popular goods when visitors visit Okinawa (Japan).